(Standards) Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is chaired by the CAA President and includes the Chairs of the individual technical committees The Steering Committee meets as required. It reviews all work done by the technical committees and has produced our Standards Architecture for use with all Actuarial Practice Standards.

Advisory Council

At Advisory Council meetings, members of the Steering Committee meet with Caribbean accounting, pensions and insurance professionals under observation of the region’s regulators. Meetings are held twice yearly.

Governance Committee

This is the oversight committee of the Association. Its objective is to ensure that all work carried out by the CAA is done correctly as set out in our Constitution, Code of Conduct, Actuarial Practice Standards and other instruments; to be consistent with International Standards of Actuarial Practice; and to comply with laws and regulations in the jurisdictions in which our members operate.
Chair: Marcus Bosland

Common Standards Committee

This committee ensure that all our Caribbean Standards are in line with International Standards of Actuarial Practice and are compatible with the laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate. The Committee has written APS 0: General Actuarial Practice and Glossary of Defined Terms Used in CAA Actuarial Practice Standards. The Common Standards Committee is currently reviewing all CAA Standards for consistency.
Chair: Nicola Barrett

Life Committee

This committee works on the Caribbean Standards for actuaries involved in the Life Insurance Industry and monitors international standards relating to Life Insurance. They have created Actuarial Practice Standard 2 (APS2) -The Prudential Supervision of Long-Term Insurance Business.
Chair: Horace Johnson, Lachmi Connell

Pensions Committee

The Pensions Committee monitors regional and international progress in their industry and has written the APS1 Pension Schemes: Actuarial Valuation Reports.
Chair: Simon Sutcliffe

A sub-committee is currently conduction a Caribbean Pensioner Mortality Study in conjunction with the Society of Actuaries.
Pensioner Mortality Study Sub-Committee - Lisa Wade (Chair)

Property and Casualty (P&C) Committee

This Committee monitors the General insurance Industry. It prepared APS 4: General Insurance Unpaid Claim Estimates and is currently drafting APS 5: Premium Related Liabilities as well as The Caribbean Actuaries’ Climate Index Scoping Study
Chair: Shera Mungroo
Climate Index Working Group - Bertha Pilgrim (Chair)

Social Security Committee

Monitors its industry and comments as necessary regionally. It has prepared APS3: Social Security Programs.
Chair: Derek Osborne

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