Communications Policy

While the Caribbean Actuarial Association (“CAA”) from time to time may form a view on a matter and publish its view through its Board of Directors, the CAA also wishes to encourage and support its members in communicating their views on matters of public importance. Such communications include those to regulators and other government agencies on matters of law, supervision, taxation etc. as well as those directed to the public to enhance their knowledge of any matter relevant to the actuary’s area of expertise.

The CAA also wishes to increase the volume of communication between its members so as to permit them to share ideas and opinions outside of our annual meetings. The CAA’s Board of Directors has agreed that the following principles shall guide our communication outreach:

We shall support our members in communicating their views by:

  • Creating space on our website to publish viewpoints submitted by our members;
  • Arranging for peer review by fellow members if requested by the submitting member; and
  • By sending a blast email to all members to alert them to newly published material from a member.

In turn, we ask that the member:

  • Identify themselves as the author of their communication and as “Member(s) of the Caribbean Actuarial Association”; and
  • Take responsibility for ensuring that their communication is consistent with the CAA’s Code of Conduct.

We have drafted the following disclaimer which must be used to clarify the CAA’s role in publishing the viewpoints:

Statements of fact and opinion expressed herein are those of the individual authors and are not necessarily those of the Caribbean Actuarial Association.

Should you have a viewpoint that you would like to share, please submit it in Word or another editable format to