2010 CAA Conference

Hilton, Barbados

The 20th Annual Conference of the Caribbean Actuarial Association was held December 1-3, 2010 at the Hilton, Barbados under the theme Riding the Waves of Change.

Conference Programme

A copy of our conference programme can be found here.

Conference Presentations

Please click the links below to download the presentations

Sir Dwight Venner - " Prospects for Regional Economies"

Janet Sharp - "Jamaica Debt Exchange"

Michele Robinson - "Caribbean Debt"

Dr. William Onuwa - " Risk Appetite for Insurance Business"

Paul Traboulay - " The Enterprise Risk Management Initiative at Guardian Holdings Limited"

Paul Thornton - " Global Challenges for the Actuarial Profession"

Derek Osborne - " Should Social Security Schemes invest in Government Debt"

Allan Brender, Robert Diefenbacher, Simone Brathwaite" International Regulatory Developments"

Donald Segal, Ellen Kleinstuber" The State of Retirement Plans in the States"

Micheline Dionne, Jacques Tremblay, Michelle Chong Tai Bell " IFRS Insurance Contracts : Phase 2"

F. Hamid, X. Benarosch - "Minimum Capital Test and Dynamic Capital Adequacy Testing in Canada"

Ronald Bowie - " Defined Benefit Pension Scheme Decommissioning – Preparing for the Endgame "

R. Blanchard - "Property & Insurance Accounting Proposals of the IASB and FASB – Property/Casualty Issues"

Dr. Winston Moore - " Mutual Funds in the Caribbean "

Sylvain Goulet - " Use of Stochastic Models for pricing, valuation and solvency"

Angela Beckford - " Capital Requirements for the General Insurance Industry: a Case Study Jamaica"

Anthony Roberts - " Financial Condition Reports in Trinidad for General Insurers"

Michael Hughes - " Longevity Swaps "

Thomas O'Sullivan - " Longevity Swaps "

Darryl Cardozo - " Longevity Swaps "

Randy Bauslaugh - " Protect Your Client, Protect Yourself: Managing Legal Risk and Expectation "

Charles Gilbert - " Asset Management within an ALM Framework"

Charles Cowling - " Discount Rates in Actuarial Work"