2011 CAA Conference

Hyatt Regency, Trinidad

The 21st Annual Conference of the Caribbean Actuarial Association was held December 1-2, 2011 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Trinidad under the theme Tailoring Actuarial Practice to Caribbean Reality.

Conference Programme

A copy of our conference programme can be found here.

Conference Presentations

Please click the links below to download the presentations

Cecil Bykerk - Professionalism in Pratice: Course handouts and slides

Cecil Bykerk - "The Importance of Standards and Professionalism"

Sylvain Goulet - "Capital Management and Achieving ROIs in the Caribbean Insurance Industry"

Marius St. Rose - " Reccomendations from the ECCU Pension Reform Commission"

Charles Herbert - " Barbados Occupational Pension Benefits Act Actuarial aspects"

Marcus Bosland - " Pricing Group Health Business in a Competitive Environment"

Hugh Reid - " Bancassurance and Beyond"

Ravi Rambarran" Accounting for Insurance"

Sam Gutterman" IFRS Insurance Contracts"

Kyle Rudden - "Practical Issues for General Insurance Reserving in the Caribbean"

Patricia Teufel - "Practical Issues for General Insurance Reserving in the Caribbean"

Angela Beckford - "Actuarial Valuation Reports For General Insurance Companies In Jamaica"

James Christie - "Professionalism Issues"

Pria Narinesingh - "Relationships with Auditors – Best Practice"

Martin Potter - " Longevity risk for pension schemes"

Martin Potter - "A Strategy for the Profession"

Simon Sutcliffe, Peter Gittens - "IAS 19 Changes"

Martin Laframboise - "Reinsurance Governance"