2016 CAA Conference

The 26th Annual Conference of the CAA was held in Paramaribo, Suriname, November 30 - December 2, 2016.

Conference Programme

A copy of our conference programme can be found here.

Conference Photos

You can see photos from our 2016 conference here.

Conference Presentations

Please click the links below to download the presentations

Servaas Houben - "Social Impact - Financia Security during Retirement"

Anthony Asher - "Impact of Actuarial Work"

Mike McLaughlin - "Social Impact of Actuaries"

Ravi Rambarran - "The Next 25 years"

Amba Zeggen - "Risk Culture - Hype or Reality"

Brian Brown - "Risk Culture"

Kyle Rudden - "Bancassurance Social Impact - A Caribbean Perspective"

Ronald Poon - "Affat - Bancassurance Trends and Best Practices"

Anthony Asher - "Investments in Small Developing Nations"

Nadja Riedwyl - "Productivity Investment"

Cynthia Potts - "Automobile Pricing"

Suris Kalloe - "Competitive Pricing for Car Insurance"

Suris Kalloe - "EXTRA Reverse Engineering Process"

Raymond Wilson - "Big Data - Threats and Opportunities for Actuarial Profession"

Sandjai Bhulai - "Big Data - Threats and Opportunities for Actuarial Profession"

Brian Brown - "Presidents Forum CAS Update"

David Congram - "Presidents Forum CIA"

Jeremy Brown - "Presidents Forum SOA Opportunities for Actuaries"

Mike McLaughlin - "International Actuarial Association"

Bryan Drakenstein - "Climate Change Risks and Opportunities for the Caribbean"

Howard Cimring - "Valuation of Post-employment Health and Dental Benefits"

Iwan Sno - "Changing Demographics in the Caribbean"

Adam Canning - "Effects of CatRisk Modelling on Property Insurance"

Nadja Riedwyl - "NatCat in the Caribbean"

Michael Brough & Lee Boxall - "EXTRA Willis Towers Watson IPP Survey 2015 Report"

Michael Brough & Lee Boxall - "International Pension Plans"

Jeroen Breen - "Adapting to Changing Environments"

Denis Garand - "Microinsurance - A Business Case for the Caribbean"

Servaas Houben - "Pricing for Mortality - Solutions for Changing Environments"

Statements of fact and opinion expressed herein are those of the individual authors and are not necessarily those of the Caribbean Actuarial Association.