2016 CAA Conference

The 26th Annual Conference of the CAA was held in Paramaribo, Suriname, November 30 - December 2, 2016.

Conference Programme

A copy of our conference programme can be found here.

Conference Presentations

Please click the links below to download the presentations

Servaas Houben - "Social Impact - Financia Security during Retirement"

Anthony Asher - "Impact of Actuarial Work"

Mike McLaughlin - "Social Impact of Actuaries"

Ravi Rambarran - "The Next 25 years"

Amba Zeggen - "Risk Culture - Hype or Reality"

Brian Brown - "Risk Culture"

Kyle Rudden - "Bancassurance Social Impact - A Caribbean Perspective"

Ronald Poon - "Affat - Bancassurance Trends and Best Practices"

Anthony Asher - "Investments in Small Developing Nations"

Nadja Riedwyl - "Productivity Investment"

Cynthia Potts - "Automobile Pricing"

Suris Kalloe - "Competitive Pricing for Car Insurance"

Suris Kalloe - "EXTRA Reverse Engineering Process"

Raymond Wilson - "Big Data - Threats and Opportunities for Actuarial Profession"

Sandjai Bhulai - "Big Data - Threats and Opportunities for Actuarial Profession"

Brian Brown - "Presidents Forum CAS Update"

David Congram - "Presidents Forum CIA"

Jeremy Brown - "Presidents Forum SOA Opportunities for Actuaries"

Mike McLaughlin - "International Actuarial Association"

Bryan Drakenstein - "Climate Change Risks and Opportunities for the Caribbean"

Howard Cimring - "Valuation of Post-employment Health and Dental Benefits"

Iwan Sno - "Changing Demographics in the Caribbean"

Adam Canning - "Effects of CatRisk Modelling on Property Insurance"

Nadja Riedwyl - "NatCat in the Caribbean"

Michael Brough & Lee Boxall - "EXTRA Willis Towers Watson IPP Survey 2015 Report"

Michael Brough & Lee Boxall - "International Pension Plans"

Jeroen Breen - "Adapting to Changing Environments"

Denis Garand - "Microinsurance - A Business Case for the Caribbean"

Servaas Houben - "Pricing for Mortality - Solutions for Changing Environments"

Statements of fact and opinion expressed herein are those of the individual authors and are not necessarily those of the Caribbean Actuarial Association.