2018 CAA Conference

The 28th Annual Conference of the CAA was held in Kingston, Jamaica on November 28-30, 2018.

Conference Programme

You can explore our conference programme here or download the Conference Booklet here.

Conference Presentations

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Sharon Giffen - "Role of Actuaries in Public Policy"

Tim Vieyra - "Role of Actuaries in Public Policy"

Suzanne Stanley - "Climate Change Impact on Caribbean"

Caterina Lindman - "Climate Change Impact on Caribbean"

Ken Mungan - "Digital Disruption"

Suris Kalloe, Ron Kozlowski, Axel Wolfstein - "Future of Motor Insurance V2"

Servaas Houben, Dane Brodber - "Risk Management Benefit or Burden"

Simone Brathwaite, Trevor Howes, Bertha Pilgrim, Cynthia Potts - "IFRS 17"

Angela Fowler - "Court Cases on Pension Surplus"

Randy Bauslaugh, Deron Waldock - "Court Cases on Pension Surplus"

Nikhil Asnani, Helen Gregson - "Networking 101"

Axel Wolfstein - "Joint CAS ASTIN Workshop"

Ron Kozlowski - "Joint CAS ASTIN Workshop"

Karthik Yadatore, Zi Xiang Low (Milliman) - "Actuarial Aspects of M&As and IPOs"

Craig Reynolds - "Predictive Analytics Life in Insurance"

Kevin Pledge - "Predictive Analytics in Life Insurance"

Ramon Small-Ferguson, Simon Johnson, Varsha Panday - "Pension Industry Returns"


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