How to Become a CAA Member

To apply for membership in the CAA complete and submit the application form (see below) using the e-mail address, fax number or mailing address specified at the bottom of the form.

Each application for membership is reviewed by the Executive Council.  Applicants whose membership is approved are required to pay the required fees for their class of membership (these amounts are specified on the application form and are shown in the table below).

The Association has the following classes of members:

  • Ordinary
  • Affiliate
  • Associate
  • Student
  • Honorary
  • Retired

Only one class can be held by a member at any one time. A brief description of each class is found below:

  • Ordinary Member: Any Actuary who is practicing or is resident in a Caribbean Country.  Each application for Ordinary Member must be accompanied by a recommendation from a current Ordinary Member of the CAA.
  • Affiliate Member: Any Actuary or ASA, or equivalent, not practicing nor resident in the Caribbean but with a significant professional interest in the Caribbean
  • Associate Member: Any person who has attained Associateship of the Society of Actuaries (ASA), or equivalent who is practicing or is resident in a Caribbean Country. Any person holding the Actuarial Analyst ActuarieelGenootschap (AAAG) may apply for Associate Membership
  • Student Member: Any person pursuing or who had pursued actuarial examinations of a professional or institutional actuarial body recognized by the Executive Council, who is born, resident or practicing in a Caribbean Country
  • Honorary Member: Any Actuary who has performed extraordinary services for the Association or who has distinguished himself in the actuarial profession shall be eligible for the designation of Honorary Member of the Association.


Membership Fee Schedule


Fee US$











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