Examination Refunds

Students who are enrolled in the BSc degree programme in Actuarial Science at the Mona and St. Augustine Campuses of the University of the West Indies are eligible for financial support for examination fees for the Society of Actuaries P (Probability) and FM (Financial Mathematics) examinations.

Students must meet certain criteria set by the CAA and they must apply for the Society of Actuaries’ reduced examination fees where available.



  1. This programme covers the Society of Actuaries' P (Probability) and FM (Financial Mathematics) exams only.
  2. The CAA reimburses the examination fees for the top ten performers in each academic year who must have A averages. Examination fees are covered for exams taken during the year after which the students attain their top 10 ranking.
  3. The CAA will only provide reimbursement for one attempt per exam. Reimbursement is made regardless of exam result.
  4. The coordinator of the Actuarial Science programme will provide the CAA’s Secretariat with all of the information required so that the top ten students can be notified that they are eligible for exam reimbursement.
  5. The CAA will inform the students, directly or through the coordinator, that they are eligible for exam reimbursements under this programme.
  6. Students may decide which examination to sit and when to sit it, except that students are not eligible for this support for exams taken after they have graduated.
  7. Students must apply for the Society of Actuaries’ reduced exam fees, where available https://www.soa.org/Education/General-Info/Registration/edu-examination-fee-discount.aspx
  8.  Students must provide proof of payment for each exam taken by way of exam receipt and proof of exam attendance by way of transcript or grade slip.


Please email us at caa.secretariat@gmail.com  for  further details on this initiative.